Each year, as the holidays begin to roll around many Human Resource Managers are given a fun but difficult task of finding a perfect employee holiday gift that will please every employee. Whether you are shopping for a small business or a large corporation it is important to find a gift that first, fits the budget. But as important, is finding a holiday gift that conveys sincere appreciation for an employee’s hard work […]

With Honey Baked Ham as their new redemption partner, the Holiday Gift Check Program, a 31-year-old distributor of redeemable gift checks for corporate giving, is experiencing an increased interest in their checks for the Easter season. The Holiday Gift Check Program, a 31-year-old, Downers Grove, IL-based company which provides gift checks for corporate giving at […]

Try a Turkey or Ham Giveaway! How do you lure in holiday shoppers with today’s convenient online world? There are many reasons consumers enjoy shopping and visiting a favorite store. Yet retailers continue to face the difficult task of getting customers to come in to a store, especially with potentially long holiday lines. Try promotional […]