Giving Turkey Gift Checks, Ham Gift Checks or Grocery Gift Checks

Giving gifts of appreciation is so important! Saying ‘thank you’ will help to motivate and make people feel good about their job and can even encourage them to work harder. But finding the perfect, universal, low-cost gift or incentive can be very difficult to find. It can be especially challenging when trying to find a gift that every employee or customer will enjoy. Consider food gifts, everyone enjoys a good meal! Give a grocery gift check that can be used for a special meal or for grocery items. A longtime favorite are gift checks from Holiday Gift Check Program that can be used nationwide at grocery stores and at Honey Baked Ham. Holiday Gift Checks are flexible gifts anytime of the year that can be redeemed for the recipient’s favorite foods with no brand restrictions. Choose denominations from $5-$50 to fit any gift budget. The recipient will be able to redeem the entire gift amount for any food items they choose, or they can be given for specific festive meals like a turkey or a ham. Optional restrictions such as nonredeemable for cash, alcohol or tobacco can be added for health or tax benefits. Give a gift to enjoy with family and friends, a favorite meal that they deserve!

Know the Differences Between Turkey & Ham Gift Certificates and Turkey & Ham Gift Checks

It is important to understand there are significant differences between gift checks and gift certificates. When considering ham or turkey gift certificates, it is important to understand turkey or ham certificates have more limitations. It is essential to determine what grocery stores will accept certificate or coupon programs. Many corporate gift certificates may not be accepted by very many grocery stores making them difficult for recipients to use. Additionally, the dollar amount of the gift certificate will be restricted to the specific grocery item on the certificate, such as just the turkey or just the ham. The dollar amount that remains after it is applied to the specific food item is then kept by the certificate issuing company and never given to the recipient or refunded. Also, it is important to note that gift certificates cannot be redeemed for any grocery item. Gift checks such as Holiday Gift Checks are business checks. It is much easier for grocery stores to process a check and apply it to the recipient’s grocery purchase. Gift checks can be accepted by virtually any grocery store nation wide and the recipient will be able to spend the entire gift amount on their grocery items (applied to entire shopping cart). Finally, it may be beneficial to have the option to cash the gift. Only gift checks can be cashed. For example, Holiday Gift Checks can be cashed at an individual’s bank. If there is a preference to limit the cash option, then a restriction can be added to Holiday Gift Checks such as ‘not redeemable for cash.’ By offering traditional gift checks, employees and customers will really enjoy a flexible gift and a special meal to feel appreciated!

Many Ways to Say You Care with Grocery Gift Checks or Turkey & Ham Gift Checks

Show Community Appreciation

A grocery gift check such as one from Holiday Gift Check Program can be given in any gift denomination from $5-$50. Recipients can enjoy redeeming at grocery stores or super stores nationwide for their favorite foods. They can also take advantage of the option to cash at their bank and then spend at a fun restaurant or anywhere. Customize by adding donor’s name to the special message. Show Appreciation with a favorite meal they will enjoy!

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Offer Incentive Gift Checks for a Safety Reward Programs

In the work environment safety can be vital to keep employees safe and insurance costs down. Protect your employees by offering a safety compliance incentive. Reward participation with a grocery gift check or a seasonal ham & turkey gift check that employees can redeem nationwide at their favorite store. One flexible option is Holiday Gift Checks that can be redeemed for any favorite grocery items and have an optional cash back. Give them an incentive that will reward them for a job well done!

Holiday Gift Checks are Perfect for Seasonal Gifts

Say happy holidays and show appreciation to employees & customers by giving Holiday Gifts Checks. Everyone likes giving and receiving! Holiday Gift Checks can be customized to fit any holiday budget from $5-$50 denominations. Say “thank you” with a Thanksgiving turkey gift check or a holiday ham gift check, perfect for a special gathering. Recipients enjoy the flexible options to use nationwide at virtually any grocery store for festive grocery items or at any Honey Baked Ham store. The gift that says, “Happy holidays, you’re the best!”

Grocery Gift Checks Will Help Those in Need

Grocery gift checks are very flexible and a great way to easily provide meals anywhere nationwide to those in need. The gift checks are ideal for food banks and can be used to distribute holiday meals by providing turkey gift checks, ham gift checks as well as grocery gift checks. They can be purchased in bulk with flexible denominations. Optional restrictions are often added to limit items purchased. Show you care with a meal to share!

Ham & Turkey Gift Checks are Perfect for Promotional Programs

Gift Checks are great for promotional programs for stores, restaurants, casinos, car dealerships and so much more! Flexible denominations from $5-$50 make it ideal for any marketing budget. Also, easy to distribute, and fun for your customers or guests to redeem nationwide. Offer a turkey giveaway with a turkey gift check, a holiday Honey Baked Ham with a ham gift check or get creative and offer a backyard barbecue for the 4th of July! Patrons will enjoy redeeming for festive fun groceries and can even cash at their bank. Holiday Gift Checks are flexible, easy to use and can be customize with business name for no additional fee. Also, take advantage of the options to return ‘left over’ gift checks after promotion ends for no fee. Entice and reward your customers or guests with a promotional gift check!

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