Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to find out more about the Holiday Gift Check Program. Following please find information about our program that will benefit you and your staff. You may have seen information on easy processing of the gift checks in Supermarket News and Progressive Grocer over the years.

For 36 years the Holiday Gift Check Program has been providing companies with gift checks to distribute to their customers or employees, usually as a holiday gift or incentive. These checks allow the individual to purchase any brand turkey or ham plus any other items to complete their holiday meal.

Click here to view the US dollar Holiday Gift Check

Holiday Gift Checks are business checks; they should be handled as such and not cleared as a consumer check via an ACH transaction at the Point of Sale. It is a negotiable security that your stores will deposit with other business or payroll checks. They are guaranteed by the Holiday Gift Check Program and will be cleared through Welcome State Bank, Welcome, MN. Because this is an actual check and not a gift certificate/coupon, the individual redeeming it should be allowed to purchase other items in addition to their turkey or ham purchase up to the face value of the check. Some recipients may choose not to purchase a ham or turkey product and that is allowed as well and the entire gift check amount should be applied to the grocery purchase. If the recipient¬† does not spend the entire face value amount of the gift check then any remaining amount should be given as cash back. The only time there is no cash back is If there is a restriction added ‘Not redeemable for cash’.

Valid checks will have many of the security features that you are already familiar with. These are listed on the back of each check and include:

  • MicroPrint “To the Order of” line: Small type that appears as a dotted line when photocopied
  • Line mark (watermark): Vertical rules appear when held up to light, does not appear when photocopied
  • Security Screen: Absence of “Original Document” verbiage on the back side of the gift check

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Holiday Gift Check Program at 630.986.5081 for further information.