Holiday Gift Check Program provides companies with a memorable gift of a turkey, ham, and grocery items given to show appreciation, reward, or thank valued employees and customers. The Holiday Gift Check is a great way to deliver a thank you or special incentive anytime of the year and especially during the holidays! The appreciation program offers exceptional flexibility to completely customize the gift denomination to fit any budget, and the receiver of the gift check has the option to redeem the gift at a favorite grocery store nationwide.

Holiday Gift Check Program, the pioneers of the turkey gift check, began the tradition back in 1989, offering a national branded turkey gift check. In 2012, the Holiday Gift Check Program no longer limited the program to just one brand. Therefore, the name was changed to Holiday Gift Check Program to represent the increased flexibility added to the program by offering a non-branded turkey gift check. The improved gift check continues to have the same national recognition at stores nationwide and in Canada. The Holiday Gift Check offers ease of use and as well as the added flexibility, allowing recipients to purchase any favorite brand of turkey, a holiday ham or other festive grocery items to please the needs of all employees or customers.

For over 36 years, Holiday Gift Check has enjoyed serving its very important customer by answering the phones and helping their customers place orders to thank their employees and customers though out the year. They still take the traditional mail-in order forms, available on the website, and offer the convenience of online ordering, payment by credit card, or the option to be invoiced. Being a traditional company we enjoy the old fashion way and are happy to answer your questions over the phone. Holiday Gift Check Program can be reached at (630) 986-5081 from 7:30 am -5pm (CDT).