Companies purchase Holiday Gift Checks in any denomination (up to $50) to give to their employees or customers as holiday gifts, performance incentives, employment anniversaries, etc. Recipients may then redeem the Gift Checks at their favorite store for any brand turkey or ham, along with other grocery items.

Convenient and Easy for Your Employee, Customer or Recipient to Use

lady-at-checkoutEasy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Easy to use-simply take the turkey gift check to virtually any favorite grocery stores nationwide
  2. Recipient may choose any brand turkey, ham or other festive grocery items even the pumpkin pies!
  3. Present gift checks at register and the whole amount will be applied to their grocery purchase
We recommend you place your order well in advance of the specific date that you want to receive your Gift Checks. It is very important that you provide a specific date that you would like to receive your Gift Checks.

For standard free shipping, once we receive your Order Form and payment, it could take up to 5-10 days to process, print and ship your order.

In a rush? For the fastest service, place your order and payment online, we process online orders within 24 hours of the business day received and can ship overnight via an overnight shipping service (i.e., FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.). You may also choose to use your overnight shipping account number (FedEx or UPS). Once we receive your order and payment your order will be expedited.

There is no limit on the number of Gift Checks you can order. We recommend that companies order extra Gift Checks with their initial order. This avoids having to place an emergency order to meet any extra requirements you may have. You can always return unused Gift Checks for a full refund of the face value.

Turkeys typically cost about $1.00-$1.50 per pound. You can estimate 1 to 1.5 pounds of turkey per person, including leftovers. For example, if you are serving 11 people (the average size of a typical family’s holiday gathering), we recommend a turkey between 10-16 pounds. The suggested Gift Check value for this turkey would be $20.00. However, you may order Gift Checks in any dollar denomination you desire, up to $50.

Check our Denomination Selection Chart for assistance.

Because it is a gift check and not a gift certificate or voucher the entire face value of the gift amount is redeemed. For example, if the gift amount is $20.00 then the entire $20.00 is applied to the turkey, ham and grocery purchase.

Certainly. There are three separate lines on the Order Form (Section 1) for you to fill in the number of checks you want and the dollar amounts. You can vary the value to meet your specific needs. For example, you may order a quantity of $15 checks, a quantity of $20 checks and a quantity of $30 checks.

Certainly. If you choose to have the checks personalized with individual recipient names, there is an additional charge of 10-cents per check added to the standard $0.90 per-check service charge. That means your total service charge for each personalized check is $1.00.

To minimize the potential for error, we require that you submit your recipient name list in an electronic format (Microsoft Word or Excel) via e-mail or on a CD, along with a hard copy list for verification. Please be sure to identify your company name on all lists or files provided. Do not include titles, departments, etc. All names must be 25 characters or less, including punctuation and spaces, and must be on one line. Names will appear on Gift Checks exactly as submitted.

The $0.90 per-check service charge covers our administrative costs, check printing, bank clearing fees, advertising, shipping and other costs of implementing the Holiday Gift Check Program.

Because we are exchanging even amounts of money, discounts on the face value of the Gift Checks are not available. If you are ordering a large quantity of Gift Checks, please contact us to discuss a discounted service charge.

No fee, it is included free of charge! Please limit the name to 35 characters including punctuation and spaces.

Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. A small 3% convenience charge will be applied to credit card orders.

If your company requires an invoice please order online and select invoice at checkout. You will quickly receive an invoice via your email address entered. If you need an invoice faxed or mailed, please call (630) 986-5081. Please include a copy of the invoice when you send your payment. Once payment is received, we will print and ship the Holiday Gift Checks.

If the recipient has a $15 Gift Check and the cost of the turkey is $18, the recipient would pay the difference. If the cost of the turkey is only $10, the remaining $5 can go toward the purchase of other groceries.

In the unlikely event that this occurs, we suggest that the recipient ask the store’s Meat Manager for the location of turkey or ham products. They could also try another store in their area. Virtually all major supermarket and food retailers carry turkey or ham products.

The gift check can be redeemed for a turkey, ham, and grocery items. If there is no restriction added to the gift check such as ‘non redeemable for cash’ it can be deposited in the bank.

Holiday Gift Check Program can not be responsible for replacing lost Gift Checks. Losing a Gift Check is basically the same as losing a personal check made out to a second party. Anyone who finds this check becomes the bearer and could use it.

We are happy to replace expired Gift Checks free of charge. The recipient simply sends the expired Gift Check to Traditional Holiday Gift Check Program at 1400 Opus Place Ste 810, Downers Grove, IL 60515 with a self addressed stamped envelope and a new Gift Check will be sent with an extended expiration date in the envelope the recipient provided.

In a hurry? Order online and select overnight shipping. You may also choose to use your overnight shipping account number (FedEx or UPS). Once we receive your order and payment your order will be expediated. Remember to specify the date you would like to receive your Gift Checks.

Absolutely, if you provide us with your overnight shipping account number we can accommodate your shipping needs.

Unused Gift Checks may be replaced with a later expiration date or returned for a full-face value refund for up to a year from the date of issue.

Please return the original checks, along with a copy of this completed form to Holiday Gift Check Program, 1400 Opus Place, Suite 810, Downers Grove, IL 60515.

Please call the Holiday Gift Check Program at (630) 986-5081.

In an effort to keep the per check service fee at our very lowest, and due to the large volume of checks we issue, we do not receive that information from the bank as it would not be cost effective. Additionally employees can use their gift check anytime and if it expires before they use it we do replace expired gift checks for free to ensure they have the opportunity to enjoy it. The instructions for replacement are on the check message stub.