A great employee gift doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. What is most important is that the gift conveys the sentiment of “thank you, we appreciate your hard work.” More than anything else employees want to be sincerely appreciated, especially if they’re an employee that goes the extra mile. Whether the gift is given to say “thank you” or is a special reward for a job well done, it’s not the gift that counts as much as the memorable sentiment and having that feeling of being truly appreciated.

One popular gift any time of year is the Holiday Gift Check, good towards a holiday ham or other special grocery items. As the workdays, often are long, employees cherish their time with family. A ham gift or grocery gift can be given in any customized denomination. Most popular are $10, $15 or $25 gift denominations. Additionally, since the Holiday Gift Check is good toward the purchase of a ham, favorite brand of turkey or another festive grocery product, you can be assured it will fit the needs of all your employees! To learn more visit Holiday Gift Check Program.

Make your work place a happier place, by saying, Thank you!

So, when considering an employee gift to show appreciation, remember conveying the sentiment is most important. Don’t forget to add a personal “thank you” or a “great job” from the boss!

It is important to appreciate your valued employees, but expensive gifts are not always necessary. Many employees treasure simple things, like special time with family and friends around the dinner table! Consider some of these additional creative ideas from Insperity to show appreciation: http://www.insperity.com/blog/52-epic-ways-to-reward-your-employees