A Gift of Celebration & Appreciation

Laptop-and-christmas-presentsFinding an incentive or holiday gift that all employees will enjoy can be difficult, especially when the corporate gift budget is tight. Employee gifts are given to represent a kind gesture, such as a “thank you for your hard work”, but often end up collecting dust, and eventually get tossed. This can be the case with coffee mugs, hats, and other trinkets. Additionally, companies must consider tax implications which can add additional costs. Many companies are reluctant to give gift cards or other gifts that are considered cash equivalent and must be taxed. Therefore, with the expense of incentive gifts, it is important to find ones that all employees will use and enjoy.

So, what is the best employee gift?  Food gifts are flexible and have long been staples of employee gifting. The right food gift can please a variety of culinary preferences and delight employees with a gift they will use and enjoy. Additionally, food gifts can offer an employee a gift they can share with loved ones, will offset the costs of meals, and they can enjoy it for a variety of celebrations. Food gifts are a perfect way to convey a message of gratitude and warmth without breaking the corporate bank. Most food gifts such as turkey and ham gift checks are not considered cash equivalent so are not taxed.

Food gift checks are popular choices for employee gifts for many reasons.Beautifully decorated catering banquet table

  1. Practicality: Food gifts, such as a turkey or a ham are practical because they provide employees with the main food for a celebration. These gifts can help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with holiday meals, allowing employees to enjoy a special feast and reduce some of the expense of the holidays.
  2.  Appeal to all Employees: Turkey and ham gifts appeal to most employees because they are a traditional holiday staple. The benefit of giving a food gift in the form of a Holiday Gift Check is that it offers the flexibility to choose other food items allowing the gift check to address the need to consider dietary restrictions or personal preferences. These food Gift Checks are so versatile they can be enjoyed by all employees, ensuring that the gift is well-received and enjoyed by all recipients.
  3. A Celebration: Ham and turkey gifts are associated with festive occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another celebration. By giving these types of gifts employers can also enhance the holiday spirit in the workplace and contribute to a sense of camaraderie and shared celebration among team members.
  4. couple-serving-the-turkey-to-the-the-familyFamily Focus: Food gifts are often enjoyed with family and friends during special gatherings. By providing these types of gifts employers demonstrate their appreciation for the individual’s contributions to the organization but also for the support and sacrifices made by their families. Employees will get to enjoy their incentive gift with family and friends.
  5. Flexibility: Grocery gift checks offer employees the flexibility to choose their preferred food items. This allows individuals to tailor their gift to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring that it is both useful and appreciated. Holiday Gift Checks  can be redeemed for many different specialty foods from hams, turkeys, fun platters, gourmet coffees, desserts and more!
  6. Cost-Effective: Turkey, ham, and grocery gift checks can be cost-effective options when purchasing gifts for many employees. These items are typically purchased in bulk allowing employers to stretch their budget while still providing meaningful gifts to their staff. Additionally, the gift amount can be customized to fit a corporate budget and are easy to deliver to office and remote employees. It can be mailed directly to employees in a standard envelope for the nominal cost of postage.
  7. Recognition of Hard Work: Providing employees with food gifts is a tangible way for employers to recognize hard work and dedication throughout the year. By offering a special food Gift Checks that can be used for any fun meal gives employers a perfect way to express gratitude anytime. Because they are flexible, they are perfect for holiday meals, an outdoor picnic, or a fun barbeque.

Overall, turkey, ham, and grocery gift checks are good gifts for employees because they are practical and universally appealing. These gifts demonstrate thoughtfulness and generosity on the part of the employer, are flexible to fit into any gift budget and will contribute to employee morale. The Holiday Gift Check Program delivers the best gift checks that are flexible for food gifts that are as diverse and unique as the individuals who receive them, creating moments of joy and symbolizing appreciation.