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Checklist to Help Deliver a Perfect Corporate Gift

Company gifts are important to any workplace. They help motivate and convey an important workplace sentiment of employee appreciation. People want to feel valued, and one way to create a positive work environment is by rewarding employees with a meaningful gift. The question is not whether to give employee gifts but what gift to give? What works well for one employee may not be well received by another. Employees are unique and with limited gift budgets choosing the perfect gift can be a difficult task. To help guide your corporate gift giving needs use the checklist below along [...]

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The Very Best Employee Gift

A Gift of Celebration & Appreciation Finding an incentive or holiday gift that all employees will enjoy can be difficult, especially when the corporate gift budget is tight. Employee gifts are given to represent a kind gesture, such as a “thank you for your hard work”, but often end up collecting dust, and eventually get tossed. This can be the case with coffee mugs, hats, and other trinkets. Additionally, companies must consider tax implications which can add additional costs. Many companies are reluctant to give gift cards or other gifts that are considered cash equivalent and must be taxed. [...]

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Looking for an Employee Gift that Everyone Will Like?

There are many choices when it comes to employee gifts but very few that everyone can use and enjoy. Grocery gift checks may be a perfect employee gift or incentive because it presents a practical and thoughtful solution that will resonate with all your team members. Providing employees with an incentive that can be used to purchase groceries not only offers immediate assistance with the high cost of groceries but also demonstrates a genuine understanding of their needs and priorities. Here's why giving grocery gift checks can be a highly effective employee gift that is fun and practical. 1.Practical [...]

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Egg-cellent Employee Easter Gift

Holiday Gift Checks can be a thoughtful and convenient option for employee Easter gifts, especially if you’re unsure of specific preferences or dietary restrictions. Giving a Gift Check allows the recipient to choose their preferred ham and other favorite food items, ensuring they get something they truly enjoy sharing with their family. Additionally, it gives them the flexibility to use the gift at their convenience, for Easter or another special family celebration. Holiday Gift Checks are an ideal employee spring reward gift for several reasons: Flexibility: Holiday Gift Checks are flexible for both the company and the employee. [...]

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What Better Employee Holiday Gift than a Delicious Feast?

As seen in HR Magazine. This year deliver a gift that will bring joy. Thanksgiving Turkeys and holiday hams have long been the cherished centerpiece of the holidays. This season, give the gift of culinary delight with Holiday Gift Checks. An ideal gift for all employees, and clients alike. A perfect holiday gift for so many reasons! 1. Convenient and Flexible Holiday Gift Checks offer unparalleled convenience and versatility. Recipients enjoy redeeming for any preferred brand of turkey, ham, and festive groceries at a variety of local and national grocery stores. They offer the flexibility to deliver a [...]

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Welcome Employees Back Holiday Gift Check Program

As seen in HR Magazine. Yay! Returning to the office, exciting or maybe not? Most companies are challenged with creating a positive enviroment as they bring employees back, especially after many have become very comfortable in their home offices. As fall approaches, most companies will be returning to the office in some hybrid fashion. This is creating new struggles for managers who are faced with the task of creating an upbeat astomphere to get over these new hurdles. One way to ease the transition is to make returning to the office a rewarding experience. Offering postive incentives that [...]

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A Perfect Employee Perk-Serve Grocery & Holiday Gift Checks

As seen in HR Magazine. How can you serve your employees better? Companies are offering new incentives to help offset the high prices at grocery stores. Current high inflation rates are dramatically affecting employee pay checks. At the same time, companies are trying to balance increasing business costs, making it difficult to simply increase pay. Therefore, to offset these hopefully temporary inflated price tags companies are offering unique grocery gift perks. Holiday Gift Check Program offers gift checks up to $50 that can be used for favorite grocery purchases. The gift checks are a [...]

Employee Turkey Gift & Ham Gift (as seen in the Oct. issue of HR Magazine)

Each year, as the holidays begin to roll around many Human Resource Managers are given a fun but difficult task of finding a perfect employee holiday gift that will please every employee. Whether you are shopping for a small business or a large corporation it is important to find a gift that first, fits the budget. But as important, is finding a holiday gift that conveys sincere appreciation for an employee’s hard work […]

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Turkey & Ham Gift Certificates, Vouchers and Turkey & Ham Gift Checks

What is Better for your Company? Turkey Gift Checks or Ham Gift Certificates are Festive Gifts that all Employees or Customers Can Enjoy! Turkey & ham gift certificates or turkey & ham gift checks make a festive gift that can be universally enjoyed by everyone! They are often given as a memorable employee gift or as a customer incentive to show appreciation. It’s a perfect gift that can be used anytime for a special celebration with family and friends. But not all turkey gifts certificates or gift checks are created equal, so below [...]

Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift for Employees-Turkey & Ham Gifts

As seen in HR Professional Magazine The Holiday Gift Check Program unlocks the mystery of choosing a universally loved employee gift. By KAREN DIX When it comes to selecting the best holiday gifts for your employees, the old adage “you can’t please everyone” comes to mind. A token of appreciation often ends up unappreciated in a desk drawer, while a gift card from a store may not suit the employee’s shopping taste. Holiday parties are a wonderful gesture but may feel more like an obligation than a reward in the middle of a busy holiday season. Cold, hard cash [...]

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