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Turkey Gift Checks or Ham Gift Certificates are Festive Gifts that all Employees or Customers Can Enjoy!

Turkey & ham gift certificates or turkey & ham gift checks make a festive gift that can be universally enjoyed by everyone! They are often given as a memorable employee gift or as a customer incentive to show appreciation. It’s a perfect gift that can be used anytime for a special celebration with family and friends. But not all turkey gifts certificates or gift checks are created equal, so below is information that can help clarify the differences!

How the Traditional Turkey Gift Checks Began

First of all, turkey and ham gift certificates, ham vouchers or turkey gift checks have made it easy and much more cost effective for companies to give the gift of a turkey or ham.

Years ago, companies hand delivered fresh or frozen turkeys or whole hams to their employees and customers. As the work environment changed, there became an easier way to give the gift of a turkey or ham. More and more employees travel, others work out of their homes, and some take public transportation. Therefore companies needed an easier way to give the nostalgic gift of a turkey or ham. Additional concerns include diet restrictions and the risk of frozen or fresh turkeys not being stored properly. The Holiday Gift Check became a much more cost effective, safer, and flexible way to give the traditional gift of a holiday meal!

Turkey Gift Certificates vs. Turkey Gift Checks

When determining what is best for your company, it is important to research the longevity of a program and understand the specific restrictions of different types of turkey/ham gift certificates, vouchers and  gift check programs. Holiday Gift Checks offer the most flexible redemption options because a gift check can be used for a turkey, ham and grocery items at supermarkets nationwide. It is important to point out that there are two types of gift checks or turkey certificates; non-branded (no brand affiliation) and branded (have a brand logo on the gift check).  Often a branded turkey gift check or certificate can only be used for that brands products. Many large grocery store chains will limited branded turkey gift checks and certificates much like coupons that are restricted to a specific brand.

What is easier to redeem? A turkey/ham gift certificate or a Turkey/Ham Gift Check?

There are many important questions to ask to ensure the program you choose meet the needs of your company as well as the needs of the employees or customers.  Keep the recipient in mind when considering the differences. A successful company wide employee gift must be more than just easy on the budget! It is important to determine how easy it is to redeem, and if it is accepted for all favorite brands. Vouchers and certificates are typically not as widely accepted because they are processed through a clearing house therefore they can not always be validated at the point of purchase. Turkey & ham gift checks are processed through a bank making it easier for stores to verify at the register, preventing fraud and providing speedy reimbursement for the store. For more information  review Turkey Gift Certificate Comparison


Consider what a turkey/ham gift will cost?

Most companies give a $15-$25 turkey or ham gift certificates or gift check to cover at least the cost of a 12 lb. Thanksgiving turkey. While some companies will give more to cover additional grocery items to compliment the festive meal. It is an important to note; Holiday Gift Checks can be used for other festive grocery items in addition to the turkey or ham but gift certificate (voucher) programs are only good for the item listed on the gift certificate.

Determine additional fees and benefits.

Additionally, most programs charge a service fee of .50-$1.10 per gift depending on the customization; options may include adding a company name or personalizing the gift with each employees name. Most service fees are typically nominal but it is one way to ensure a reputable company that will provide a turkey & ham gift check that is widely accepted by many grocery stores and large chains and offers customer and retailer support. Many questions may come up such as; Can I return ‘leftover’ turkey gift certificates? Is there a charge to return gift checks?, Where can I use my turkey gift check?  Can I buy any favorite brand? These are just a few sample of questions and purchasing from a good company that will stand behind their program and offer phone support will be very valuable.

Restrictions on turkey or ham gift certificates.

Gift certificates are limited to the product on the gift certificate such as just the turkey or just the ham. A turkey or ham gift check offers more flexibility because it is limited only by the dollar amount of the gift and can be use for the turkey, a ham and other grocery items such as side dishes or the pumpkin pie. Not all employees will host a holiday gathering so they may want to use their turkey gift check to bring a festive item such as a dessert or side dish. Therefore, the more flexible a program, the better it can address the many different needs of all employees and customers.

Understand hidden fees on turkey/ and ham gift certificates.

Another important consideration, is that with a turkey gift certificate part of the gift amount may never be spent and actually lost or forfeited. For example, an employee receives a $20 ‘turkey’ gift certificate (vouchers work the same way) and the recipient uses it for a turkey purchase. The employee purchases a 13 lb. turkey for $15, so the remaining $5.00 of the $20 turkey certificate would be forfeited and not received by the recipient. The remaining $5.00 would become a profit kept by the supplier of the turkey gift certificate company. So the supplier would make an additional $5.00 (or whatever amount is not spent) per turkey or ham gift certificate. They would profit from this in addition to the initial service fee charged. This leftover money is not refunded!

With a turkey & ham Holiday Gift Check the entire gift amount is spent. With a turkey gift check, if an employee is given the same $20 gift and $15.00 is spent on a Thanksgiving turkey, then the remaining $5.00 would be applied to the recipient’s other grocery purchases. The only money the supplier ever receives is the initial upfront service fee. Therefore, with a Holiday Gift Check the entire dollar amount of the gift is passed on to the recipient.

Consider expiration dates restrictions

Most turkey or ham gift certificates and gift checks expire in 6 months. This ensures the recipient has plenty of time to spend and enjoy the gift. If the gift does not have an expiration date, be cautious. It may not be accepted by all stores or banks. Just like most coupons and checks, turkey gift certificates and turkey gift checks are suppose to have an expiration date. Gift check programs that follow strict bank regulations and grocery store guidelines are dated and expire within 6 months. Banks and stores may refuse to accept a check that does not have a date or if it is older than 6 months.

What if an employee’s turkey gift check or certificate expires before they have a chance to use it?

Some companies will replace or reissue expired gift checks but certificate programs typically do not re-issue. It is important to research the company you are considering. After season, if there are a lot of turkey gift certificates ‘leftover’ it can be a large cost to the company. Holiday Gift Check Program, is the only program that will replace expired gift checks for no fee.

What grocery stores will accept a turkey/ham certificate or turkey/ham gift check?

Most stores will accept a Gift Check because it is processed as a business  check. For turkey & ham gift certificate acceptance is is best to call the store or ask the supplier of the turkey certificate ahead of time. It can be very frustrating for employees to not be able to use their gift at a favorite store. For tips on redeeming a Holiday Gift Check Program gift check, click on Where to redeem?

Consider Longevity of a program and years in business?

It is important to ask how long the company has been in business, to validate that it is a reputable company. Companies do come and go! You may want to check customer testimonials or references to be certain the company will stand behind their turkey or ham gift program. The longer a program has been around the more recognized by grocery stores. Some programs routinely notify grocery stores prior to the busy holiday season. This helps clerks re-familiarized themselves with the program each year to ensure easy redemption for the recipient.

Returning unused turkey gift checks or certificates.

Most companies buy extra gift checks or turkey certificates because they do not want to run out of employee gifts or a special customer incentives. Therefore, a company may need to return unused gift checks or certificates for a refund after a holiday season or after a promotion has ended. This is an important question to ask because because most companies may not accept returns or may charge a hefty fee which can significantly increase the cost of the program. Typically turkey or ham certificate programs can not be returned. One company that will accept returns on ‘leftover’ gift checks for no fee is the Holiday Gift Check Program.

A non-branded turkey gift check will offer the most flexibility.

A non-branded turkey certificate or turkey gift check can be used to purchase any family favorite brand of turkey or ham and other grocery items. Employees can shop discounts or promotions to take advantage of the best turkey or ham price. Branded gift checks with a turkey logo on the gift check may be limited to a brand. Grocery stores may restrict the purchase on branded checks much like a coupon to ensure their store will get reimbursed.

Taxing on turkey gift checks.

Typically, because it is it a low-cost gift (usually under $25.00), it falls under the De Minimus tax laws and would not require taxing. Additionally, most companies do not tax a turkey gift because it is usually a one -time gift (once a year) and not meant to be a cash gift such as a gift card. The gift is intended to be a gift of a traditional turkey or ham. Some companies may wish to add restrictions. For example, Holiday Gift Check Program can add usage restriction right on the check for no fee such as ‘nonredeemable for cash’ or ‘nonredeemable for alcohol or tobacco’ to help clarify the intend of the gift. As with any tax question, it may be necessary to get additional input from your company.

Turkey & ham gift checks are a fun, memorable gift that everyone can enjoy!
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