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How can you serve your employees better?

Companies are offering new incentives to help offset the high prices at grocery stores. Current high inflation rates are dramatically affecting employee pay checks. At the same time, companies are trying to balance increasing business costs, making it difficult to simply increase pay. Therefore, to offset these hopefully temporary inflated price tags companies are offering unique grocery gift perks. Holiday Gift Check Program offers gift checks up to $50 that can be used for favorite grocery purchases. The gift checks are a fun perk! Some companies are offering gift checks to employee as part of appreciation programs that are centered around a summer celebration or backyard barbeque while others are providing a monthly grocery incentive tied to work performance. Gift checks are a flexible bonus that can be served up in many ways, but the bottom line is that it will be appreciated. Employees enjoy redeeming the gift checks at virtually any grocery store nationwide for grocery items. A perfect perk that allows companies to show their appreciation and help retain valued employees. For more information visit

Need an Employee Holiday Gift?

ham-and-turkey-gift-on-cartHoliday Gift Check Program also offers the perfect gift of a holiday meal. A flexible festive gift that employees enjoy redeeming for the Thanksgiving turkey, holiday ham or festive foods such as deserts and fun platters.

  • Fits any corporate gift budget with gift amounts from $5-$50
  • Easy to redeem at virtually any grocery store nationwide
  • Holiday message with company’s name on the gift check
  • Easy to deliver to both in-office & remote employees
  • Return ‘leftover’ gift checks after season for a full refund of face value
  • 34 years providing reliable gift checks
  • Special seasonal savings available