Try a Turkey or Ham Giveaway!

How do you lure in holiday shoppers with today’s convenient online world?

There are many reasons consumers enjoy shopping and visiting a favorite store. Yet retailers continue to face the difficult task of getting customers to come in to a store, especially with potentially long holiday lines.

Try promotional holiday giveaways

Giveaways are one great way to entice customers into a store. A giveaway can require the customer to visit the physical store and historically, a customer that comes in for one item, often leaves with a few more. This can offset the cost of a giveaway and significantly boost up the bottom line! Whether a big box retailer, a car dealership, casino or small business studies such as Ways Companies Win by Giving Away Stuff by Time Magazine show that it really will boost in store activity and more importantly the establishments bottom line.

Choose a festive giveaway

There are so many important things to consider when choosing a giveaway. One idea is to tie it into the holiday season to help kick start the holiday spirit, which includes holiday shopping!

The giveaway…

  • needs to be enticing to many different types of customers
  • should be low in cost but perceived as valuable
  • is flexible and can be used by many people
  • is easy for the store to distribute
  • has no added cost for distribution
  • is easy for the customer to receive, enjoy, and take home

Giving a Turkey or ham voucher

What better way to bring out the holiday spirit then to give a Holiday Gift Check to be used towards a Thanksgiving turkey or holiday ham! The Holiday Gift Check can be customized to fit any promotional marketing budget ranging from $5 to $50 dollars per giveaway. The giveaway can require an in-store purchase or be given as a raffle. Some stores have based the dollar amount of the giveaway on the customer’s total purchase amount encouraging customers to spend just a little more!

Determine the promotional budget

To entice those shoppers, retailers can promote, spend over $50 and get a free 10-pound turkey!

The cost is only $10-$15 but to a customer you are giving away a 10 or 15-pound turkey or ham for a special holiday gathering which can mean a lot!

How does a turkey gift check giveaway work?

The Holiday Gift Check is easy to distribute at the point of purchase or at the customer service desk. The customer simply presents their ticket or receipt to claim their holiday turkey and ham gift check. Customers can take their turkey and ham gift certificate to any favorite store nationwide to redeem towards the purchase of any brand of turkey, ham or other festive grocery items. So really, it is very simple and easy to distribute, easy on the budget, and customers will be thrilled to receive a turkey or ham for their special holiday gathering!

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