Finding a Unique & Inexpensive Gift that has Value to Every Employee is Possible!

Make it Meaningful with a Turkey or Ham Gift Check or Certificate.

Choosing a holiday gift for hundreds of employees or customers can be a difficult and daunting task. Everyone loves to give great gifts that each employee or customer can truly use and enjoy. With limited budgets, as well as personal preferences, it is not easy to find that perfect gift for everyone.

Food gifts can help make the holidays extra special.

Most employees enjoy time with family and friends over the holidays, making food items a great gift. Employees can share food gifts, such as a turkey or ham gift check, perfect for the Thanksgiving turkey, or holiday ham for a special gathering. Food gifts can help create great holiday memories.

1. Will the food gift or gift check fit into the corporate gift budget?

Some food gifts can start as low as $5 while others can get very expensive.

Tips to Consider:

  • First, determine how much you have to spend on each employee or customer.
  • Make sure to price out special packaging, and gift wrapping.
  • Consider the delivery cost and if needed, expedited shipping.

Sometimes these costs can be more than the cost of the actual gift. Holiday Gift Checks are designed to fit into any gift budget from $5-$50 dollars. Most gift check programs give the employee or customer the ability to spend the entire dollar amount of the gift. Gift certificates are very different than gift checks. Certificates are usually limited to a specific food item. Therefore the recipient will lose the value of the certificate above the cost of that one food item.

2. How will the employee receive the  food gift?

Food baskets or food items can conveniently be delivered to an employee’s home or a customer’s office. There are many different options with food baskets. The biggest drawback is the cost of packaging and delivery. Food items may require freezer bags to keep the food fresh. Often the cost of packaging may be more than the actual gift item(s).  Food certificates or gift checks such as holiday turkey gift checks are easy to distribute with minimal cost. The cost is typically a standard postage fee. Many companies prefer to hand out the Holiday Gift Checks at the office or at a party with a holiday card.

3. Determine if there are special diet restrictions to consider.

Be careful not to choose a food item that could be the cause of an allergic reaction! With actual food items, it may be difficult to be sure you have considered the endless number of allergies. Grocery gift checks or certificates may be a better option if concerned about food allergies. Grocery or Holiday Gift Checks are flexible, allowing the recipient to choose a turkey, ham, or other grocery items to avoid an allergy concern.

4. Consider when you want the recipient to receive their gift?

Many companies enjoy giving holiday gifts at Thanksgiving. It is a great time to convey that sentiment of “Thank you, we appreciate you”. Some companies may prefer to give the gift as a general holiday gift or Christmas gift and some even do both! Holiday Gift Checks can be sent with overnight delivery.

5. Gift baskets, or food gift certificates, gift checks or gift cards?

Food gift baskets do make a great presentation but can be very expensive to deliver and often have items that never get used. Gift cards can be an easy option but limit the recipient to a specific store. Many grocery gift checks can be used at most stores nationwide offering more flexibility and the option to visit any favorite store. Grocery gift checks and certificate programs do vary, so make sure you understand different program features or limitations. To review different programs visit: Turkey & Ham Gift Certificate Comparison