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Holiday Gift Check Program offers large and small companies a unique way to show appreciation and say “thank you” with a turkey, holiday ham or festive grocery item gift. Over their 30 years, the program has changed, but one thing that has not is their outstanding customer service!

What are their Customers saying?

“The lady I spoke with even remembered my company, even though it had been a couple of years since our last order.

Pat and Lisa are friendly and extremely helpful.”
Tawnia 7-year customer

“Our Company has used Holiday Gift Check Program for several years. We continue to go back to them because of their great product, service and overall professionalism”.
Marilyn 19-year customer

“Great Customer Service, they were very helpful, and easy to work with. Thanks!”
Brooke -new customer

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How did giving turkey gifts checks begin?

In 1989, Holiday Gift Check Program, the pioneers of the turkey gift check, began offering a convenient way for companies to thank employees and customers with the gift of a turkey, without the hassle of handing out frozen turkeys. Frozen turkey gifts have many limitations; keeping turkeys frozen is very costly, not mention the issue of getting frozen turkeys to traveling employees! The turkey gift check became an easy, cost effective method for companies to give the gift of a turkey, and encourage that special memorable time with family.

Giving turkey gift checks 28 years ago

Initially, the company was named after a well-known turkey brand. At that time, customers could only place orders through mail-in order forms because it was long before online ecommerce was even available! In fact, many customers came to rely on receiving the turkey gift form in the mail as a reminder that the holidays were approaching and it was time to order their employee turkey gift checks.

A branded turkey gift was only good for one brand of turkey

Since the company was associated with a specific turkey brand, stores would limit the turkey gift certificate purchases to just that turkey brand. Many customers began to express they wanted employees to have an option to choose their families favorite brand of turkey and have the flexibility to purchase the right size turkey rather than be limited to just that one brand.

In 2012, new added flexibility to the turkey gift certificate to purchase any brand of turkey

The name was changed from the former turkey brand name to the Holiday Gift Check Program to reflect the new preferred option to choose any favorite brand of turkey, ham, or other festive grocery items. Unfortunately, the name change did create some confusion when another inexperienced gift check company took on the Holiday Gift Check Program’s previous brand association. But rest assured, the Holiday Gift Check Program is that great dependable company they have been for over 28 years! Today Holiday Gift Check continues to offer more options, including a gift check good towards any favorite brand of turkey, the choice of any ham, or other festive grocery items, helping companies address the changing needs of its customers and their employees.

Online turkey gift check ordering and convenient credit card processing option

Holiday Gift Check Program continues to evolve to meet their customer’s needs. Last year, they added online ordering, with the flexibly to pay by credit card, invoice or wire transfer. They offer expedited and overnight shipping of the turkey gift checks to ensure delivery that is always on time for the holidays. The Holiday Gift Check is customizable online and can include a company name, the original thank you message, as well as the employee’s name.

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