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Casinos, like any other establishment, are always looking for creative ways to attract customers. First of all, promotional incentives for casinos don’t need to be costly. But to entice customers, promotions should be creative, fun and easy for patrons to enjoy! Promotions are a great way to thank repeat customers for their continued patronage and entice new players. Most importantly, the best customers are the ones that return, and fun seasonal promotions should be designed to attract new players and reward your very valuable VIP members.

 Use Holiday Gift Checks with Creative Seasonal Themes

Any season though out the year can provide a great opportunity to be creative and offer an incentive program. For 30 years, Holiday Gift Check Program has been providing customized grocery, turkey, and ham gift checks to Casinos as fun incentives. For fun seasonal themes ideas that can be designed around any fun holiday gathering visit Odds on Promotions.

Flexible Promotional Incentive Programs are Great for Anytime of the Year!

Holiday Gift Checks offer the option of a low cost gift from $5-$50 that can fit any promotional budget. In addition, Holiday Gift Checks are easy to store and distribute. Patrons have the flexibility to enjoy redeeming for favorite items at superstores, or grocery stores nationwide at their convenience. Holiday Gift Checks are perfect for backyard barbecue themes,Thanksgiving turkey giveaways, or a Holiday Ham at Christmas or Easter. Patrons can exclusively use at HoneyBaked Ham specialty stores and cafes too.


Gobble Up More Business-Offer a Thanksgiving Turkey Give Away

Find Your Winning Combination
with the Holiday Gift Check Promotional Incentive Program

Great features for Casinos:

  1. Budget friendly-Choose $5-$50 denomination ($15 is popular with casinos)
  2. Customize with your casino’s name & greeting
  3. Less then $1.00 per gift check fee
  4. Seasonal promotions available
  5. Free shipping
  6. Fast expedited and overnight shipping available any time of year
  7. Return ‘leftover’ gift checks for full face value refund for no fee

To find out more about Holiday Gift Check Program and seasonal promos call (630) 986-5081

or visit Holiday Gift Check-Fun Promotions for Casinos