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The Best Casino Promotional Incentives Boost Loyalty Programs & Attract New Patrons

Casinos, like any other establishment, are always looking for creative ways to attract customers. First of all, promotional incentives for casinos don’t need to be costly. But to entice customers, promotions should be creative, fun and easy for patrons to enjoy! Promotions are a great way to thank repeat customers for their continued patronage and entice new players. Most importantly, the best customers are the ones that return, and fun seasonal promotions should be designed to attract new players and reward your very valuable VIP members. Use Holiday Gift Checks with Creative Seasonal [...]

A Unique Promotional Gift to entice Customers & Patrons this Holiday Season

  Try a Turkey or Ham Giveaway! How do you lure in holiday shoppers with today’s convenient online world? There are many reasons consumers enjoy shopping and visiting a favorite store. Yet retailers continue to face the difficult task of getting customers to come in to a store, especially with potentially long holiday lines. Try promotional holiday giveaways Giveaways are one great way to entice customers into a store. A giveaway can require the customer to visit the physical store and historically, a customer that comes in for one item, often leaves with a few more. This [...]

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