Holiday Turkey Gift

A Unique Promotional Gift to entice Customers & Patrons this Holiday Season

  Try a Turkey or Ham Giveaway! How do you lure in holiday shoppers with today’s convenient online world? There are many reasons consumers enjoy shopping and visiting a favorite store. Yet retailers continue to face the difficult task of getting customers to come in to a store, especially with potentially long holiday lines. Try promotional holiday giveaways Giveaways are one great way to entice customers into a store. A giveaway can require the customer to visit the physical store and historically, a customer that comes in for one item, often leaves with a few more. This [...]

Thanking Employees with a Holiday Turkey Gift!

Holiday Gift Check Program, a 30-year-old company formerly known as the Butterball Turkey Gift Check program, now offers the convenience of ordering gifts for employees online with credit card processing. Holiday Gift Check is a provider of gift checks to employees and customers during the holidays to redeem for turkeys, hams, and other grocery items.

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