With Honey Baked Ham as their new redemption partner, the Holiday Gift Check Program, a 31-year-old distributor of redeemable gift checks for corporate giving, is experiencing an increased interest in their checks for the Easter season.

The Holiday Gift Check Program, a 31-year-old, Downers Grove, IL-based company which provides gift checks for corporate giving at the holidays, is looking forward to their first Easter season since adding Honey Baked Ham specialty stores to their list of redemption partners last fall. Holiday Gift Checks are redeemable at virtually any grocery store or supermarket for turkeys, hams and other grocery items, as well as more than 400 Honey Baked Ham specialty stores nationwide.

“Our Holiday Gift Checks have always been most popular for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now with Honey Baked Ham as our partner, Easter will be another busy time,” said Rich Wirth, president and chief executive of Holiday Gift Check Program. “Our customers were excited when we announced the partnership with Honey Baked Ham last fall and we saw a large percentage of our checks redeemed at their specialty stores during the holidays. Now, customers are thinking about ordering Holiday Gift Checks to help employees, clients and patrons make their Easter celebrations extra special with a traditional, Honey Baked Ham.”

Wirth said since the Holiday Gift Checks can be used as a flexible grocery gift certificate, many companies are using them for incentive and promotional programs. Companies such as car dealerships and casinos are ordering them for ham giveaway promotional programs, while other companies continue to give them as a gifts or incentives for safety programs and many different types of achievement and reward incentives throughout the year.

Both Honey Baked Ham and Holiday Gift Check Program share similar corporate values and a mission to encourage family togetherness through the sharing of a traditional holiday meal at home.

Holiday Gift Check is still processing orders for Easter gift-giving with free nationwide shipping and expedited overnight delivery. The checks can be customized with the gifting company’s name and recipient by uploading an Excel or Microsoft document of their database to personalize gift checks when ordering online.

Wirth said the Holiday Gift Check program has retained its 29-year-old popularity because it makes corporate gift-gifting easy, affordable, and flexible. While traditional gift cards are usually redeemable at a single store or very limited other locations, Holiday Gift Checks can be used at thousands of grocers and Honey Baked Ham locations nationwide. Also, for the gift giver, there is a substantially smaller service fee than required by gift cards from the major credit card companies. Checks are sold at face value plus a nominal fee of ninety cents to one dollar, depending on personalization. Holiday Gift Checks offer quantity discounts and have seasonal promotions available. Checks can be ordered in any denomination up to $50 and customers can return any extra, undistributed gift checks for full face value refund from Holiday Gift Check Program’s customer service, based in their Midwest corporate office.

For more information, or to order Holiday Gift Checks, visit http://www.giftcheckprogram.com.

About Holiday Gift Check Program
The Holiday Gift Check Program (HGCP) was launched in 1988 to help companies provide a traditional frozen turkey to their employees during the holidays in the easiest way possible. Over the years the program has grown in popularity and flexibility. Since its inception, HGCP has distributed more than six million gift checks to more than 300,000 companies for redemption at thousands of grocers as well as hundreds of Honey Baked Ham Cafés. Canadian checks are also available. Holiday Gift Check Program is located near Chicago in Downers Grove, IL and can be found at http://www.giftcheckprogram.com or by calling 630.986.5081.